We would like to invite Industry and, more globally, enterprises involved in the Agile European thinking stream, to sponsorthe Agile Lean Europe initiative.  So if you think of supporting ALE2011, the first event that will gather together Agile thinkers irrespective of their main skills, here are some guidelines that might be useful for you.

Why should you sponsor ALE2011?

The Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network is a pan-European open network for people passionate about Agile and Lean practice and thinking. It encourages people to share knowledge and experience. ALE fosters learning and continuous improvement of the network members and the people they relate to. ALE uses its European scope to bring different perspectives of different European cultures together.
As the ALE network’s first big event, the ALE 2011 unconference is a European melting pot of Agile and Lean practitioners with many diverse perspectives and influences. It is intended as a cross-border, non-profit collaboration event for mutual learning and continuous improvement.

As your company develops using agile and lean practices at multiple sites across Europe, you might be especially interested in sponsoring the network and especially its first unconference.
The network—and especially the unconference—faces specific impediments that can be easily overcome with money. Money, income, are not evenly distributed across Europe. To attend ALE2011 costs about 750€ (250€ attendance fee, 250€ accommodation for nights and about 250€ for the flight). We can cut that to 500€ by finding private accommodation, but that won’t work for all attendees. For people from some European countries, that is quite a lot of money.
Our most important consideration for ALE2011 is that as many countries are represented as possible, so that the collaboration and sharing can be increased across all of Europe. To be able to achieve that, we need money to help some of the participants be able to attend the unconference at all.