Register to Attend

The registration, now is open to everyone. First come, first serve.

You can see the results of registrations on our map.

The registration works in the following manner:

  1. Submit the registration form.
  2. We cross-check your data to be complete/reasonable.
  3. As soon as you are accepted as a participant you get a link to our payment system and you have to pay your fee in a appropriate time limit.

If you want to change your data after submitting it or have questions about registration, send us an email to

We have a maximum limit of 244 participant that comes from the venue. Already 160 participants have been accepted.

From the currently free places are divided in two quotas

  • Weve allocated a quota of 50 places for the first three participants of underrepresented european countries.
  • The rule for the remaining other places is First come, first serve.

There might be the occasional glitch Were working on it to improve as we go. Remember, this is a product developed by a lean organisation